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Default Re: ****** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 ******
How will your picks hold up when they are open to challenge by anyone?
The Peoples Champion is our uncrowned gladiator, it is open for anyone, no matter how many fights you have, no matter what your record looks like, whether you come to the thread a few times a day or once a month, or you have never even posted in this thread before. Be the first to challenge the Champs picks and the title is up for grabs.

Current 'Peoples Champion':

Title Rein
2 Defenses
PinoyProdigy UD's Kirk
PinoyProdigy UD's Bolieu

Next Fight:
01/06 - Dyah Davis vs. Alfonso Lopez

*2 Time Peoples Champion*

Davis - PinoyProdigy
Lopez - Bajingo

- Anyone can participate, whether youre this years current champion or have never placed a pick in the league before. The challenge is open to all.
- There can not be a challenge issued by the same member in consecutive defences.
- If the Peoples Champion leaves for awhile, and goes 3 consecutive weeks without making a defence of his title, title is forfeited. In which case, the top two highest p4p (which will be determined at the time (Feature fight record, head to head record, money earnings, KO %, Total KO's, ect) will face eachother for the vacant title.
- The Peoples Champion must make his picks early (at least 4 days) so it gives challengers enough time to issue challenges.
- The first person to issue an available challenge will be the next challenger. The next challenge can not be issued until after the pending defence has been made. Once the result is in after the fight, the next issue may be challenged and met. No challenges made while there is a pending challenge will be counted.

*Champ puts in picks
* First person to issue challenge is challenger
* While waiting for the fights outcome, be in days or hours, no challenges will be accepted.
* Once the result is official, the doors open to the next member to issue their challenge. Whoever is first, will get the challenge.
* Title fight picks must reflect actual league pick. (this does not apply to wagers). Both champion and challenger must be picking the same person in both the general league, and in their title fight.
* Should the Champion change his pick after having been challenged, he'll be stripped of the title, and the challenger will have first priority to fight for the now vacant title
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