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Default Re: Who are your LEAST favourite active English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish fighters?

Originally Posted by Beeston Brawler
I think everyone got sick of the endless, meaningless WBO title defences. I read a funny article in Boxing Monthly about five months ago by Joe, saying '**** mandatories and meaningless defences' - I had to laugh - it took nine years for a unification fight (Lacy) with loads of **** defences in between.

He should have had the ***** to demand his promoter get big fights, a bit like Hatton did after 15 defences of WBU, when big opponents were promised for 'proper' titles, only to end up with the likes of Vilches and Pedersen.

I think a case could be made for Hatton ducking Witter - but a lot of other guys are turning down Witter as an opponent - Malignaggi doesn't want to know, Rees is after a payday with Hatton (understandably so - cos the bubble is ready to burst!), HBO aren't interested unless he is up against a top American name - but thats all Hopkins is, a name, Witter will blast him out in about 8 or 9.

disagree. witter has been ****ing rubbish in his last few, take away the harris fight (remember, he was starched by carlos maussa ffs) and witter has been dreadful. i went to the chop chop fight and nearly fell asleep, i dont care what anyone says, kotelnik beat him, he looked awful against lynes.
witter is living off a stoppage of a geezer who frankly had a chin issue.

i reckon hopkins will push him.
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