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Default Re: Dyah Davis vs. Alfonso Lopez

Originally Posted by drozzy View Post
Hey IB, how do you pick the odds? Just wondering, looking at the 13/8 for Lopez and the 8/13 for Davis on

With Davis being 1/2 on here, was Lopez 2/1 on that site you got the Davis odds from?

Just seems like you're giving us the lesser value of both sets of odds.
Pretty randomly, tbh. I just don't like the look of those symmetrical odds and will always mix them up so they don't mirror each other. So if 8/13 & 13/8 are offered on one column at oddschecker, and 1/2 & 2/1 in another...I'll do some combo of either 1/2 and 13/8 or 8/13 and 2/1. Could just as easily be one as the other, no real rhyme or reason.

If I were you, I wouldn't gripe too much though - as most of the time I cut everyone very generous breaks and err on the side of inflated odds rather than deflated ones (so more often than not I'd go with the 8/13 and 2/1...just wasn't really paying attention this time). I've also been extremely munificent in axing down some heavy favorite from like 1/40 to more reasonable ranges like 1/15 just to make it worth setting up an in-demand event thread.
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