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Default Re: Dyah Davis vs. Alfonso Lopez

What time zone are you in, BSB?

If it says for you " This event will accept bets until 01-07-2012 at 05:00 AM" then you must be on eastern Europe time, GMT+2.

Here in the easternmost part of the US we are GMT-5 or seven hours behind EET (the west coast is GMT-8, so a full ten hours behind you).

I know you're a huge Bute fanatic, but always assumed you were Canadian. Are you actually in Romania? (Romania is EET)

Right now it's 3:39am where you are?

So there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for why it says it accepts bets until the 7th for you despite being on the 6th over here. It will BE the morning of the 7th for you when it's still the late night of the 6th here in the USA! Are you unfamiliar with timezones?
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