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Default Re: Tony Oakley v Peter Haymar

Originally Posted by rooq
all the domestic sky sports shows will start at 9:30 now. Maybe they'll always show the main supporting bout live.

it was a good ko by fry. first time seeing salem and he did look good if a little untidy in the first couple of rounds, but his stamina is not high enough to compete for more than 4 rounds. hope he comes back cos its always nice to see a bit of flash on the domestic scene.
I got completely mixed up by the time schedule. I turned American Idol on for our lass at 9 and told her she could watch it untill boxing came on at 10. I'm a ****ing idiot because I can remember seeing the show started at 9.30 and I really wanted to see Salem fight again.

Salem has alot of potential on the domestic scene but he's a **** up fitness wise and thinks he's matcho enough to just fight someone instead of boxing.
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