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Default Re: Shortlist of 4 for Hatton's fight in May

Originally Posted by jabber the gut
why are people thinking after a few wins over fighers on the way down witter is now the top guy a lwelt,corley and harris are well past there best ,when witter fought his only top class guy (judah)he ran for 12 rounds,lets see him beat someone like torres.he even struggled to beat lynes, hatton has fought at a lot higher level i even think ajose olusegun would beat witter. so until he beats a young strong hungry world champion people should stop barking from the tree tops about witter.i do not see any of the big american promotions trying to get there hands on witter and they no more about boxing than most of us guys.hatton will fight witter but not until he has a couple of belt if he can manage not to lose before them to pop gun hopkins.
Stop that argument right there, it's daft and you are only making yourself sound stupid.

Both fighters can be assessed in the same way. If someone starts talking about a fighter only beating guys on their way down or guys who are b-class and then losing bad I would not know which fighter you would be refering to, Witter or Hatton.

Fact is both have had thier ass handed to them. Witter subed in for Judah when he was not ready for that level and Hatton got fragged by the most dominant fighter p4p.

Both have beating guys who were good and past prime. Corly, Harris, Castillo and Kosta were not the fighters they were in thier prime but were still good operators. At the stages of thier career they lost to Witter and Hatton they are hard to seperate. So are the so-so guys the two of them have beaten in Maussa, Collazo, Urango ect.

A match up between them would be very close in terms of picking a winner and although they have different styles they to me have similar records of achievement.
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