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Default ***ESB Boxing Prediction League 2012**

ESB Prediction League 2012

2012 Scoring System & Rules will be the same as 2011 unless everyone wants any changes:

This will use the standard Wins/Losses/KOs system.
For each fixture predict the winner and method (points or stoppage). Points includes UD, MD, SD, TD. Stoppages include KO, TKO, DQ and Retirements
For non-televised fights picks must be made before the card starts.
For fights televised live, picks can be made up to the start of the first round.
Correctly predicting the winner will earn a win on your record.
Also correctly predicting the method will earn a KO on your record.
Correctly predicting the round a stoppage occured in will earn an additional KO for your record.
Incorrectly predicting the winner will result in a loss on your record
If a fixture results in a draw or no contest it will not earn a win or a loss
You can choose to predict on as many or few of the fixtures I post up as you want

ESB British Predictions League Past Honours

2009 Part 1
Winner: Rooq
Runnerup: Teh Rileh

2009 Part 2
Winner: Ishy
Runnerup: Rooq

2010 Part 1
Winner: Kosaros
Joint Runnersup: Neil Hibbert & TehRileh
Joint Cup Winner: Gladiator / Neil Hibbert

2010 Part 2
Winner: PottyPete
Runnerup: Englishway
KO King: Englishway
Cup Winner: Roberto

2011 Part 1
Winner: Antcull
Runnerup: WalletInspector
KO King: WalletInspector
Cup Winner: WelshDevilRob

2011 Part 2:
Winner: Bajingo
Runnerup: Pottypete
KO King: Pottypete
Cup Winner: wrimc

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