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Default Re: Classic Boxing Quotes

Originally Posted by McGrain
Here's my very favourite; i write it about twice a week in here:

ALI: You really think you could've whipped me?

LOUIS: When I was fighting we had a thing called the bum of the month tour.

ALI: You callin me a bum?!

LOUIS: You would've been, on the tour.
That's one of my favourites as well. Great quote.

"Your hotdog won't get cold." - Mike Tyson when asked how long a fight with Holyfield fight would last.

"Aw mama, I forgot to duck, that's all." - Leon Spinks after getting KO'd by Gerrie Coetzee.

"Oh my God, he hit so hard, like a ****ing mule kick." - Tyson on Razor Ruddock's power.

"George can still beat anyone, except me." - Ali after Rumble in the Jungle

"He hit me hard enough to knock me down, so I guess that's hard enough." - Joe Louis on whether Galento hit hard.

"If you even dream it, you should apologize" - Joe Louis to Muhammad Ali, who claimed he'd have whipped Joe.

"It looked like the whole of Harlem was in the ring that night." - Max Baer explaining his swimming vision when put down by Louis.

"It felt beautiful." - Floyd Patterson explaining what it felt like to be knocked out by Liston.

"My ear is sore!" -Vic Toweel's first words as champ after dethroning Manuel Ortiz for the bantamweight title.

"Everyone talks, now he's talking too." Julio Cesar Chavez before Hector Camacho fight.

"He made these wimpering sounds, like a woman." - Tyson describing Tyrell Biggs whenever he landed a body shot.
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