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Default Re: Shortlist of 4 for Hatton's fight in May

Originally Posted by MON
dwilson, Hatton's biggest wins in Castillo and Tszyu are streets ahead of wins over anybody Witter has.

I'd also says his wins over Collazo and Maussa surpass Witter's wins over Harris and Corley. After all, Collazo was a champion at a higher weight and Harris had been starched by Maussa....! Even Hatton's win over Phillips is better than most of Junior's.
Name wise Castillo and Kosta are certainly bigger than anybody Witter has fought never mind beaten but many Witter fans will say they were old and past it by the time Hatton fought them. Both sets of fans can disregard each others fighter and opponents in equal severity.

Collazo was never really rated as a proper welter champ and his recent fights have been very poor while Maussa was a joke. Corly was not the same fighter he used to be when he fought Witter and Harris had lost alot of his fear factor that put so many off when he got shocked by Maussa.

All that really matters is that the two guys fight soon so we can see who is the best and not have to be constantly bombarded by idiotic fans cat calling and making childish suggestions about the would be opponent.

Fact is that these two Brits are prob the best two fighters in the division and it would be a crying shame if we did not get to see them get it on. Of course both could lose next time out and it would not matter. Both could have awkward fights in Hopkins and hopefully Torres or Malig***gi. It would not be the first time a result went the wrong way and scuppered a possible great match up.
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