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Default Nice guys who were dirty fighters

If you mention Evander Holyfield, George Foreman and Frank Bruno, you would not think of them as dirty fighters, but each basically good man showed a darker side to their game.

George foe example, hit Ken Norton after Norton had fallen into the ropes and the ref had gotten between them.
Another incident, whilst not technically dirty, saw him hit Frazier behind the head as Joe made a break for it.
Lastly, a few of his early comeback victims complained of George throwing kidney punches.

Evander's best weapon some say was his head, which he used to great effect in some of his fights. I used to wince sometimes as Holyfield used his noggin like a battering ram. He was also not averse to throwing low blows or elbows, or punching after the bell although these were usually retaliatory in nature. But that head - wow.

Frank Bruno was perpertually fouling in the first Tyson fight, mostly by holding and hitting. Against Pierre Coetzer, Bruno transgressed the rules more often than he obeyed them, using elbows, low blows, holding and hitting and using every dirty tactic in the game to win.

Which other nice guys didn't always abide by the rules?
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