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Hi people
Thankyou for posting and giving me more information on our grandfather that we never got to meet.
i have some stories handed down to me via my nan (grandmother).
1st why he was called Alabama Kid.....
He lived in Ohio but his mum & dad would not let box so he went to another state for a pro fight (Alabama as the story goes) there he was given his name. While in australia he had numerous fights which i have details of from local press, if anyone is interested. he married my nan had two kids and one in the oven still cooking when he was deported under the white Australia policy. Thats another story. 1st time i had seen him was on a promotion card, I then realized where my eye brows come from .
I have stories, i would like anything someone may have on him including video footage as have never seen him live only photos. Will be traveling to the US in 2012 and am planing a trip to Dover Ohio to say G'Day to relatives i hope to find. Anyway ask any questions and i can give what i know, more than happy for any infomation anyone has.
Again Thankyou for all you guys have provided already

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