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Default Re: would silva of beat a prime Roy jones in boxing

Originally Posted by MetalMandible View Post
Well, I can substantiate all of my claims about him, so I don't see the problem in explaining your own position if my post was such bull****.

Roids- Busted in 2000.

Shot to ****- Loser in 7 of his last 13, being KTFOed in 4 of them. The only wins were against has-beens and never-weres.

One of the worst Chins ever- He was KTFOed by feather fisted Glen Johnson and an Aussie bum called the Green Machine. He was also put on his ass by feather fisted Lou Del Valle.

Cherrypicker- He never held a lineal title and handpicked the worst opponents for his plethora of "world titles" that he collected.

Power puncher ducker- Didn't fight the best power punchers of his generation (Benn, Eubank, G-Man, etc.) because he knew he had a Fragile Glass Jaw. Instead he chose to beat up sanitation workers and police officers until he finally did succumb to pressure and got KTFOed by Tarver and then every other slugger he faced thereafter.

Roid Jones is a disgrace to boxing.
Hopkins and Toney = better than Benn Eubank or G-man.

The weight loss from HW destroyed him.

I have done this 10,000 times years ago. I have no intrest in doing it again and again on the mma forum.
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