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Default Re: would silva of beat a prime Roy jones in boxing

Originally Posted by MetalMandible View Post
Hopkins and Toney are not power punchers. Hopkins nor Toney had any inclination to engage any more than Roy did and both of those bouts were stinkers.

The weight loss thing is overblown. He never had a Chin, that is why he wouldn't fight the power punchers we all wanted to see him face in the '90s. That is why feather fisted Lou Del Valle dropped him on his ass with a **** weak shot. Roid is a Glass Jawed Fraud and a cherrypicking disgrace and that is not up for debate. It's irrefutable.

Roid Jones vs. Puncher = Roid waking up to the bright glare of a doctor's penlight.
Where do you think the name "Lights Out" came from?

And Del Valle was not feather-fisted; he hit Jones with a flush right hand he didn't see coming because it was covered by a jab that turned Jones' head, and Jones got up completely fine. A Glass Jawed fighter would have simply caved or gotten extremely hurt.

Not to mention the bombs he took against Tarver in their first fight.

Glass Jaws exist, but punch resistance is not black and white.

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