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Default Re: would silva of beat a prime Roy jones in boxing

Originally Posted by MetalMandible View Post
What the **** does your little video prove, Popkins? Roid doesn't get hit with anything significant to expose his Glass Jaw, Toney is by no means a puncher which means that it certainly didn't prove me wrong about him ducking punchers, and it does nothing to dispel the notion that he wasn't a cherrypicker. In fact, the latter point can be proven by the fact that he didn't fight the best punchers of his era and never held a lineal title. He was and is a joke. Get over it.
Anyone fancy enlightening this fanny to the fact that an agreement was in place for Jones to fight THE heaviest puncher of his era, Gerald McClellan, before tragedy struck G-Man in what was meant to be his smw tune-up, thus scuppering the fight?


You really should learn about boxing before embarrassing yourself with your ****ty recycled troll talk about things you know **** all about.

Stick to MMA Chinchecking... oh wait, you're **** at that as well. Chuck a better chin than 'Page? FAIL!
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