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Default Re: Rakim's Christmas log.

Setting a few long-term targets:-

Run 3 miles in 25 minutes.
Do a muscle-up.
Do 5x5 with 110kg of plates on the leg press (not sure what the slider weighs).
15 wide-grip pullups (second time I've set this target and I've never done more than 7).
Do ten 2 minute rounds on my heavybag.
Learn to skip again.
Learn to swim better.
Maintain a 1RM of at least 100kg on bench and at least 65kg on OHP.
Continue my physio until my back's good to go, then restart squats and deadlifts.
Resting heart rate down to the mid 50s.
Have a pop at climbing. I've found some sort of centre within 30 mins of my house that does indoor and outdoor climbing.

Erm, that's it for now, I'll add any others I think of.
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