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Default Re: would silva of beat a prime Roy jones in boxing

Originally Posted by Joe.Boxer View Post
As with every other ****ty post he types, poor fragile demented freak popkins/DINAMITA/Kittikasem posts his typically nonsensical inaccurate drivel, then with incredible hypocrisy and stupidity, he insults someone else with a description which sums himself up ****ing PERFECTLY .


popkins/DINAMITA/Kittikasem = laughing stock of esb and Team Elite & Chinchecker punchbag. No credibility or respect whatsoever.
Why this disgusting little rentboy trolls around after me I have no idea. He's my pinata, and if he wants spanked on this forum as well I'll gladly oblige. ****ing illiterate re**** **** gets owned every time he logs on.

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