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Default Re: Shystiest Don King stories

Originally Posted by META5
So then, knowing his reputation, why do fighters complain when they get taken for a ride, and why do we, as fans, feel sympathy for them?

I mean, why would you allow your child to hit a lion in the head and then get angry with the lion for Mike Tyson'ing your child's ears off, knowing a lion's nature?
Thing is even when the top fighters did their best to avoid dealing with Don King he'd work his way into the picture. Either he'll have the title holder under wraps, or he'd have the top contenders the guy needs to fight on the way to the title. So when the time comes for the match to be made he's going to do his best to exercise options.

Fans might sympathize to a point, but then we still want to see the matches made. So what do we care if the guy is going to get screwed out of 70% of his purse? Easy to say when it isn't our money. Boxers probably have the same mentality about fighting tomato cans. 50 bucks for a ppv card of stinkers, to see the main event, that turns out to be a **** fest.
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