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Default Re: George Foreman's '73-'74 World Tour

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1 View Post
Classic stuff. In the top picture he somehow reminded me of Saddam. No idea how or why

I know what you mean. I get the feeling if I broke into his house, I'd find at least two gold-plated toilets.

Originally Posted by Lunny View Post
Why would Don King do that though?

I know the president of Zaire gave a substantial amount of money for the fight to be held there, was it the same situation elsewhere?

I read George's auto but I can't remember what he said about this, directly, exactly. I'll try and have a look, later. I know the book's around here, somewhere. I'm pretty sure it was related to King's, uh, financial strategy, in some way. They almost didn't let George out of Venezuela, I think it was? A rocky way to go.
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