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Default Re: Prospect Glass Jaw Watch

Originally Posted by james4210 View Post
Can we please never ever have the term glass jawed ever mentioned again. I find it humiliating to be on a forum which has a thread like this.
Well, guess what, buddy? There's a solution to your problem if you're that annoyed or "humiliated" at being on a forum that discusses Glass Jaws. **** off.

Glass Jaws Exist in MMA, that is not up for debate. The only people who take issue with the Chincheckers pointing this out for the less educated are nuthuggers, fanboys, and idiots who deny what is a simple and irrefutable fact. The Chincheckers will continue to point out the fact that Glass Jaws exist and tell you who among your favorite fighters happen to be in possession of a Fragile Mandible. Get over it.
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