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Default Re: George Foreman's '73-'74 World Tour

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Mobutu put up the moolah, but it was a British company led by a couple of big boxing fans that got him to do it. Where DK came in was getting the fighters signatures. DK gets too much credit for that event. He played a big part, yes. But not as big as people think.
Aaah, I get ya. So whoever's plan it was it was still all about the country paying up to have it there.

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John Daly, of the Hemdale Film Coproration, was part of the consortium that wanted it staged in Zaire, as was Don King. Obviously President Mobutu was keen for his country to stage such a contest.

Jamaica holding the George-Joe hiding was down to the highest bidder, with the other main option being the Houston Astrodome. With the Roman fight, a Japanese promoter, whose name escapes me, won the bid for Foreman to defend against Roman instead of a potential Bugner fight at Earls Court- more cash + easier contest (well, a bit easier, this was only Joe Bugner after all).
Cheers, much appreciated. Interesting stuff.
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