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Default Re: AdamB's in-depth training log

Hours of Sleep on Previous Night
7 hours 30 minutes

Work Day?

Meal Diary
08:00 - Small bowl of almond oat cereal, 1 slice of Best of Both bread with Marmite.
12:30 - 1 tin of Tuna, 2 medium eggs (hard boiled), portion of couscous mixed in a bowl with wholegrain mus****, lemon juice, small amount of mayonnaise and salt + pepper.
17:55 – Small amount of leftover chicken, chunk of energy bar made up of oats, honey and peanut butter.
21:30 – Small portion of bulgar wheat, small portion of spicy tomato peppers and green beans, some potato and carrot stew and some more leftover chicken.

12 cups of water throughout the day
1 cup of tea with semi–skimmed milk – 12:50
1 Lucozade isotonic sports drink – 18:30

Outside of the Gym Training
9:00am - 2 x 20 minutes cycling on varying terrain, medium–high intensity

Inside of the Gym Training
3 x 3 minute rounds of skipping
3 x 3 minute rounds of shadowboxing
9 x 3 minute rounds alternating between large heavy bag, smaller heavy bag, uppercut bag and the double ended bag
2 x 3 minute rounds sparring

Yesterday was the first class I’d had in 3 weeks, so I had some general aches and pains, nothing too bad. I hadn’t been to the shops so my breakfast wasn’t really ideal.

I’d normally be at work before evening training, not being so allowed me to eat a pretty decent amount of food which fuelled a pretty good workout. I was sparring for the 5th time today against a guy with an equal body type to me but who was more experienced and in much better shape – we were pretty even until later in the rounds. The second round I did better at working round his jab with some slipping and parry counters, I intended to use my right cross and overhand to counter over his jab but I forgot to in the heat of things.

Just realised I really need to record a current accurate height, weight etc for myself. Last time I checked I’m around 6’0” and 155 pounds.
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