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Default Re: Prospect Glass Jaw Watch

Originally Posted by Ne5ville14 View Post
Hahahaha, man I think that is the strawest argument of all the stupid stuff any chinchecker have said to this date.

You honestly think there is a difference major between a 28 years old chin and a 19 years old chin ?

Man you guy can be ****in dumb sometime....

Please continu to educate everyone with the same kind of stupid staement !
If the 19 year-old is underdeveloped with a scrawny neck and legs it can have a negative impact on punch resistance, this has been proven by numerous guys who couldn't take a punch in the amateurs and later on proved to have superlative or at least average punch resistance. Most of the time KOs early on don't bode well for the fighter in question but some, and I stress some, grow into a man's body and develop the ability to take a shot.

Leave the Chinchecking for the experts, kiddo. It's clear that you know nothing about Glass Jaws or the science behind them.
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