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Default Re: best boxing books and why

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Sonny Liston: Night Train would be my personal choice for the number one spot. The author takes an angle and runs with it but his window into that world is anything but narrow. You're taken into the different worlds of ownership that Sonny was exposed to - and what he exposed his fellow human to in return (or not). It less than stellar where the fights are concerned, but it's a really decent stab at unlocking Liston.

Charley Burley and the Black Murderers Row. Shed's loads of interesting light on a crew of fighters that you wouldn't normally run across. Lovingly written but not slavishly so.
I need these

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Jack Johnson: Unforgivable Blackness. Brilliant, thorough, takes no ****. Presents the evidence and allows you to draw your own conclusion. This is a monster book, probably a must read for boxing fans.

Dark Trade. This is the best book i've read about modern boxing. This guy gets Tyson at the crux of so many of the most important times in his fall. It's worth reading for that alone, but the Toney stuff is absolutley priceless.
Great words, both are awesome

Originally Posted by Pete47 View Post
"Corner Men - Great Bboxing Trainers" by Ronald K. Fried. It offers fascinating informations about trainers like Ray Arcel, Jack Blackburne and others.
Another awesome book

Originally Posted by Vsec View Post
My View From The Corner - Angelo Dundee. Dundee's writing is full of life and he can be pretty funny.
As is this

Originally Posted by Jack Dempsey View Post
I'm just finishing up Teddy Atlas's book, its a great read, full of incidents
Top book also

Was gonna name a few but i wont stop......not that i have that many.......just that i will remind myself of how unhappy Ken Buchanans book made me.

swim eat spar fight **** spar eat train fight win eat swim fight spar deep breathe fight eat spar win sore nuts spar eat win sore nuts spar train ROBERTO DURAN !!!

Just deciding on what to start......The Killings of Stanley Ketchel or Johnny Tapia's Mi Vida Loca

PS. John Duncans In The Red Corner is a brilliant book !!!
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