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Default Re: Prime Lennox Lewis went life and death with Eurobum "Bread Hustler" Mavrovic

@ Champion.

the disrespect is unreal. smh.

that night against LL, Mavrovic showed the kind of stones most can only dream of, including many well regarded heavies.

1. did you know ZM was actually 6'3 and fought as heavy as 223 3/4?

2. did you also know that he had been a pro for only 5 years when he went toe to toe with Lewis?

3. did you know he had serious health issues that forced his retirement from boxing?

no, you didn't know any of this, because you are ignorant, disrespectful, and a prime example of why this board, and boxing discourse in general, has gone to dog****.

If you have a bone to pick with Lewis fans, 8 years later, go see a doc about hormones so you can finally get through ****rty and move the **** on.

Demeaning and mocking an honest pro like Mavrovic to further a petty and baseless argument with equally re****ed individuals shows your lack of respect for, and knowledge of, the sport of boxing.

Champion my ass. You are a mouse, taking cheapshots at those you could never hope to be like. Rest assurred, your father, if you ever knew him, is ashamed of you.

And I think we both know how you'd respond if Mavrovic or any of the fighters you degrade showed up in your parents' basement and asked you to repeat your sniveling bull****.

Back to the cupboard mouse.
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