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Default Re: AdamB's in-depth training log

Hours of Sleep on Previous Night
7 hours 45 minutes

Work Day?

Meal Diary
07:30 – Bowl of oatmeal with a banana
10:10 – Egg McMuffin with a hash brown
14:00 – Bulgar wheat, spicy tomato peppers and green beans, potato and carrot stew, leftover chicken
19:30 – Slightly improvised Thai green curry with potato, onion, courgette and chicken cooked in green curry paste with creamed coconut, a little cream and some milk

8 cups of water throughout the day
1 white coffee – 10:20

Outside of the Gym Training
3 x 3 minute rounds of shadowboxing, first round focussing on footwork
3 x 15 press-ups, 30 seconds between each set
3 x 30 sit-ups, 30 seconds between each set
3 x 8 wide press-ups, 30 seconds between each set
3 x 15 hindu squats, 30 seconds between each set

Inside of the Gym Training

Real ****ty diet day. I’ll call it a cheat day and step it up for the rest of the week.
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