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Default Re: Chronological IB RBR threads archive

Originally Posted by DemolitionDan View Post
A lot of spaces being reserved this year.
Well, 2009 was incomplete and 2010 was a bit on the slow side with more of the obscure international events slipping through the cracks.

104 RBR threads in 2010
Compare to 238 in 2011.

You figure 2011 is where I really started to hit a stride and pick up damn near every card possible - and what with the vBulletin character limit that means that you need a good five posts to squeeze in a full year (fitting three, in some cases two months' worth a pop of hyperlinked event titles).

I'm going to very plausibly run clear out by 2013. I guess the Mayans were right - one way or the other, it's all over in the next twelve months.
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