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Default Re: AdamB's in-depth training log

Hours of Sleep on Previous Night
6 hours 30 minutes

Work Day?

Meal Diary
07:30 – Bowl of oatmeal with strawberry jam
10:30 – 25g pack of beef jerky
12:45 – Portion of leftover Thai green curry, a banana and an apple
15:00 – Oat and nut bar
18:05 – Peanut butter and honey oat bar
22:00 – Pasta with tomato sauce (tomato with chicken, peas, onion and mushroom)

7 cups of water throughout the day
07:40 - 1 tea with semi-skimmed milk
10:30 - 1 black coffee
13:00 – 1 black coffee
18:30 – Lucozade isotonic sports drink

Outside of the Gym Training

Inside of the Gym Training
5 x 3 minute rounds of skipping, mixed intensity
9 x 3 minute rounds throwing set combinations at heavy bag

Punchout Drills
1 x 1 minute round of 1-2 to the body, 1-2 to the head then 4 toe touch/star jumps
1 x 1 minute round of 1-2 to the head then 4 tuck jumps
1 x 1 minute round of constant hooks to the body
1 x 1 minute round of constant 1-2s to the head
1 x 1:30 minute round of 6 punches then a burpee, alternating 6 to the head and 6 to the body

Lack of sleep and probably not enough water affected me heavily – maybe also the coffee. I was noticeably tired from just the skipping and the first round on the heavy bag my arms felt like lead after 30 seconds – struggled through the combinations but managed to gather the energy to go hard on the punchout drills at least.

There was a massive amount of great sparring during the punchout drills with a variety of opponents which I unfortunately ended up skipping on due to how little energy I have.
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