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Default Re: My kickboxing club

Originally Posted by wayneflint View Post
Wow.. join a thai boxing gym.. seriously, thats all i can say. if you really want to learn to use your hands, kness and legs effectivley and with good economy without giving them your ass hole everytime you do this stuff, then it is essential you find a quality thai boxing coach. What i see here, would not even help you in a bar fight.

Seriously though, you wouldnt give your car to any old dodgey mechanic would you? but you surrender yourself to these home baked kickboxing clubs like your body, or the tools your being given to fight and survive/protect your health with in the ring, dont mean **** to you? whats that all about? surely your health is worth more than your possessions? anyway..

Dont pay these Mc dojo's its all a money making scam and 90% of the time the training isnt safe, pay the extra money for the real proffesionals and learn how to fight and protect yourself properly by people that have actually done it themselves or atleast have a clue about fighting not a fitness/kids class. Trust what your being shown to protect your health is right, and not just babble from some idiot like Ylem who decides hes going to open classes and make 100 a night without actually being able to spend enough time individually to develope any one client for the money they've payed. Thats assuming their time can even develope rather than hinder a fighter lol.

Find a quality coach with good credentials, if you have to drive over 40 mile it shouldnt matter this is your health your trusting people with and combat sports are hazardous hobby's, pay for 1-1's instead of these classes, it may cost you 20-40% more it may not, but you will learn much more, get more quality time with a coach to actually develope, and be learning from someone who actually has purpose showing people how to fight. if you ask me thats much better value for money.
Why should he join a Muay Thai gym. This is hardly what I'd call proper kickboxing, If there isn't a real kickboxing gym then I doubt there is a Muay Thai one.
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