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Default Re: Opinions on Skelton vs Sprott fight?

well thing with williams he is maybe the most inconsistent boxer of all time and i belive that with few people to test it.

he actaully has wieght fluctuations...he was 260 odd pounds one fight 218 the other then goes up and down and up and down...niether giving him an overall advantage.

he has alot of stamina some fights and others he puffs out easy.

he is a puncher with a huge right hyand and left hook...sometimes it doesnt graze a mans face.

jab was amazing it got him openings and was a flicker jab from the waste turned side he doesnt throw it at all....and then did and then didnt.

somtimes he has SO much heart like the potter fight when he dislocates his shoulder and carries on to knock the man out. other times he just seems to say **** it and take a back step.

it frustrats the hell out of me. he is a decent world contention class fighter with all the tools. but he wins a round easy then next round gets mercilessly beaten.

real shame cause at this wieght i think he could do soome real damage to the brit and euro stage
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