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Default Re: Training overhaul

Going pretty minimalistic again with my training and feeling better than ever.

Firstly, a couple of hours of fasted hiking (or occasionally mountain-biking) every morning have leaned me right out. I'm still weighing about 83 kg but need a belt on 32" jeans. Probably as lean as I've been since my 20s.
Having knocked the beer on the head and limited myself to a couple of wines and whiskeys most evenings, I find the bit of flab I was carrying has just dropped off.

Strength work is simple: Monday and Friday I do Good Mornings(more as a warm-up), Deadlifts and OHPs and on Wednesdays I do Dumbbell snatches. In addition, I grease the groove with L-sit chins and 1 arm/1 leg press-ups when ever I can be ****d.

Enjoyable recreational cycling, climbing, kayaking etc happens a couple of times a week, and I KB swing, rack squat, high pull and clean and press as part of a complex a couple of times a week (15 mins total with a 20kg KB).

Thinking of chucking in some Burpees races soon; oh aye, a couple of times a week I add some sprints at the end of my hiking session with the mutts, so all in all I'm feeling pretty good.

Most of the previously mentioned goals are looking far too easy so I might have to reevaluate them a bit, to test myself a wee bit more.
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