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Default Re: ****** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 ******

Originally Posted by Badbot View Post
01/06 - Reymundo Beltran vs. Luis Ramos Jr. - Luis Ramos Jr. UD
01/06 - Dyah David vs. Alfonso Lopez - Alfonso Lopez UD
01/14 - Robert Stieglitz vs. Henry Weber -Robert Stieglitz UD
01/14 - Arthur Abraham vs. Pablo Farias - Arthur Abraham TKO

01/20 - Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Rigo Ramos - Guillermo Rigondeaux KO
01/20 - Derry Mathews vs. Emiliano Marsili - Emiliano Marsili UD
01/21 - David Price vs. John McDermott - David Price TKO

I am doing good.
Lopez-Davis was a 50-50 fight, I cant believe how little Lopez even tried. He lost fans.

I am:

Luis Ramos Jr Vs. Raymundo Beltron - I CALLED: Ramos UD 10 Result: Ramos UD 10
Omar Figueroa Vs. Michael Perez - I CALLED: Perez UD 10 Result: Figueroa RTD 6
Dyah Davis Vs. Alfonso Lopez - I CALLED: Davis UD 10 Result: Davis UD 10
Robert Stieglitz Vs. Henry Weber: I CALLED: Stieglitz TKO 8 Result: Stieglitz UD 12
Arthur Abraham Vs. Henry Weber: I CALLED: Arthur Abraham TKO 3 Result: Abraham TKO 5
Guillermo Rigondeaux Vs. Rico Ramos: I CALLED: Rigondeaux UD 12 Result: Rigondeaux KO 6
Emalino Marsili Vs. Derry Matthews: I CALLED: Marsili UD 12 Result: Marsili TKO 7
David Price Vs. John McDermott: I CALLED: David Price TKO 2 Result: Price TKO 1

I am: ( 7-1-0 4 KOs! )

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