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Default Re: The rivalry between Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico

Originally Posted by Mendoza
Can someone school me on the historic rivalry between these three nations? What are the fights to look at? Were there some controversial home cooking decisions?
well all are the mainstray of latin boxing.

most countries have a mindset it's happend for years there is a reason why mexicans are famous for the left hook to the body while cubans are great at jab cross

in england it's to be the hardest man but that has changed as flashyness is now the mainstray.

in mexico it's kinda like outwork, outlast, outpunch
castillo,chavez,lopez,sal all good punchers that are inthere to fight not box

puerto rico to beat the man infont of you in anyways neccesery.most rican fighters are quick agile and very speedy with the hands and are there to win anyway they can gomez ,camacho ,trinidad ,cotto(not in agility but he has some quick hands for that type of brawler) had all those attrubutes.

cuba is to be the most skilled...and i totally dig that. cuba is a one man sport system there are no 2nd place you will have a 2nd placer of course but some in the cuban boxing system you have to go through a ladder of local gyms, town gym ,county gyms and the le ferme/the farm which is the place were all cuban medelists go to to train with the best it's the kronk of cuba.every boxer out of cuba has fought in that one gym

i feel the cubes are the latin kings. maybe most of the cubans are 23 to 25 year olds fighting 17 to 19 year olds in the olympics becuase in cuba pro boxing is outlawed. they grow up in the amatuer ranks were as for the americans (most countries) the olympics are a stepping stone.

but when they do go pro they rise to the top very few of cubans pro athletes fail...only gonzalez has failed to reach the hieghts. even though only losing to younger fighters and hard puncher and wasnt a great amatuer anyways.....but the point is casamayor,hur****o,duarte,solis,garcia ect all rise to the top maybe not win a title but they always end up near the top.
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