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Default Re: AdamB's in-depth training log

Hours of Sleep on Previous Night
8 hours

Work Day?

Meal Diary
11:00 – 3 scrambled eggs on 2 pieces of wholemeal toast
14:00 – Broccoli soup with slice of wholemeal toast
19:00 – Small steak with potato wedges and salad (tomato, lettuce, avocado)

8 cups of water throughout the day
10:00am – cup of tea with semi-skimmed milk

Outside of the Gym Training
5 minutes jogging
5 x 3 minute rounds of alternating sprints and fast jogging on varying terrain, mostly uphill

Inside of the Gym Training

Holy ****. I stretched out pretty well after the sprints and felt fine, but at about 18:30 my lower back completely seized up. After a bit of reading it seems like I had bad posture whilst jogging downhill.

Posting this a day after – haven’t done anything today and couldn’t go to the gym because my lower back is still ****ed from yesterday. Oops.
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