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Default Re: Guzman vs Arthur is such a mismatch

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty
I would love to argue the point, but as you are one of these newbs, i wouldnt waste my time. There are loads of posters with under 100 posts in here screaming about the greatness of Guzman & the awfulness of Arthur, but as I know the vast majority of you newbs wont be around to take your medicine if Arthur upsets the odds Im keeping my arguments for the posters who deserve the debate.

Its nothing personal, but why should I waste my time arguing with posters without an ESB track record?
Get yourself respected first before you come out with the big statements.
& speaking of big statements, it bores me when I see people picking Guzman as if they are boxing gurus, for **** sake we all know that Guzman is the betting favourite.

Its like me trying to act smug cos I picked Mayweather to beat Hatton, when in reality there is no smugness to be had. Mayweather was a hot favourite before the fight, & he proved it in the ring. You dont see me screaming in all the threads about me predicting Mayweather would win like I am some sort of ****ing boxing know-all, its easy to pick a winner when you are talking about a P4P fighter fighting a boxer from these shores.
& I have even been honest enough to admit that even though Guzman is P4P in many peoples eyes, hes no Mayweather.
So thats why even if Arthur pulls off the upset, I wont be in here kidding everyone on that Arthur is the greatest fighter on the planet.

In my eyes its a big ask for Arthur to win, but he can if things go his way. For newbies to start ****ty threads like this calling it 'the mismatch of all time' just ****in angers me as its so disrespectful to Arthur, & his fans on here.
If I am wrong then fair enough, but for some newb to scream about a Guzman points victory like they are telling us all something we dont know here already i.e that Guzman is a fine fighter & hard to beat? Its an insult IMO to the posters here who debate **** like this every day on here.

Oh, & I noticed you were 'formerly' someone else, but I cant remember your former self either, with all due respect. Thats the drink for you I suppose!
you are one arrogant re****!!!

Just cause someones a newbie dont mean that he is ignorant of boxing. boxing knowlege does not start just with joining this forum.

and you should certainly not critisize someone for a lack of boxing knowelge. lets not forget it was you who tried to sell that ****in drunk scott "prison-rott" harrison to everyone like he was gonna beat someone like marquez and so on.

you just angry cause when britains toilet (yes, scotland) loses its final hypejob in arthur you have nothing left to "school" everyone on.

oh yeah, speaking of your boxing wisdom:

You called mayweather "a hot favorite" going into the hatton match............when in fact the bookies hat pbf only a 2-1 favorite.

yeah, you are the man drunky
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