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Default Re: Guzman vs Arthur is such a mismatch

Originally Posted by unitas
you are one arrogant re****!!!

Just cause someones a newbie dont mean that he is ignorant of boxing. boxing knowlege does not start just with joining this forum.

and you should certainly not critisize someone for a lack of boxing knowelge. lets not forget it was you who tried to sell that ****in drunk scott "prison-rott" harrison to everyone like he was gonna beat someone like marquez and so on.

you just angry cause when britains toilet (yes, scotland) loses its final hypejob in arthur you have nothing left to "school" everyone on.

oh yeah, speaking of your boxing wisdom:

You called mayweather "a hot favorite" going into the hatton match............when in fact the bookies hat pbf only a 2-1 favorite.

yeah, you are the man drunky
What a ****ing asshole, all respect has gone.
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