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Default Re: The sad tale of Patterson III

Originally Posted by m8te View Post
punishing patterson in the ring showed a lack of class, I agree with that, but ali was a young man, angry with patterson for what he represented. secondly, he obviously wasn't forced into the NOI, and he joined them on his own free will undoubtedly, but when you consider the fact that racism and white american oppression and dehumanization of black americans was at an all time high in an institutional sense without being in chains, and MLK intergrationist politics had not produced results quickly enough, you have to be able to see why he joined, and you have to see that to him, there was no brainwashing involved. to me, brainwashing implies that there is very little basis for the information being engrained within someone's mind. that wasn't the case with the NOI and their clear, warranted, disdain for whites, hypocritical and scary as it may have been.
Ali was very disrepectful to Archie Moore as well. He embarassed an old man and Archie told him the same thing would happen to him, and sure enough it did. Ali was a great fighter but a terrible person IMO
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