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Default Nog v Herring....Sherk v Franca...Chins...

1)Having watched their recent fight it was clear once again that Nog is superior in every department but the early knockdown that flattened Nog could have been the end of the fight if Herring had had better conditioning, when he had the chance to jump on Nog and finish him he had absolutly nothing left in him so let Nog up. What a giant mistak Herring made not coming in in better condition, the fluke kick could have sent him way up the hw charts but instead he snt the rest of the fight just hanging in and will probarly slowly disappear.

2)How can anyone think that sherk did not completely dominate franca. Apart from a couple of knee's franca was not in the fight.

3) Both Sherk and Franca showed amazing chins when caught, I can not think of many other fighters who could carry on after been caught in the manner they did, and going on to win convincingly, thats cool.
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