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Originally Posted by Iron Duke
Lesnar is 29. He has also said that he only wants to have 6 fights.
Needless to say, that's not a lot. He earned $500,000 for his last fight and he seems to want the big bucks, now Dana doesn't even pay that to some of his champions and no where near that amount for contenders. He is not going to splash down that much for a ex pro-wrestler for each fight. No way.

Also you have to question Lesnars heart.
He dreamt of taking part in the WWE, left it.
He wanted to play NFL, left it.
Wanted to take part in Japanese wrestling, left it.
Now wants to do MMA.......and says he only wants to take part in 6 fights.

I don't think he is seriously interested in even making a dent in the MMA scene.
Even Kimbo shows more signs of sticking with it than Brock.
Negative.He left the WWE because he burnt out quick and he fell out with Vince which is hardly suprising.He tried out for the Vikings but they cut him as he didnt make the grade..NJPW is no big deal.Its not a major league in wrestling and on a global scene doesnt really matter much.Brock wants to fight as his gifted and thats all his really good at (wrestling that is). If i was him id sign for TNA and call it a day as that would really **** Vince off.Who knows after his MMA career is done im pretty sure he`ll go back to pro wrestling as thats truly his bread and butter.His simply exploring his options which unfortunately as a pro wrestler are minimal.Being a great wrestler doesnt make him a great defensive end nor a great MMA artist.But with a name an rep like his at least he can live his dream.
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