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Default Re: Which Vegas fight should I go and see!

Originally Posted by robpalmer135
Its computer software thats used by businesses all around the world for all there Administration others things. I had patent on alot of the ideas which is why it has made money and been so valuble.Like an Intranet. Its done very well in a very short space of time and its got to the point where I could not manage it as I had been working 20 hour days since leaving Uni last year.

Its enough money to live of very very comfortably for the rest of my life If i invest it properly. (Just had a brain wave for on here, A stocks and shares game with boxers, for exp if you had invested in Joe Calzaghe before he foguht Lacy or Pavlik before Mirando you would no have more).

Anyway I am now going to spend more time with my girlfriend who is from France and is still studying. travel. I am also going to learn how to box and see some great matches. I was due to be in the states next weekend for Taylor vs Pavlik 2 but I am seeing WWE that night LOL (I am not really a fan but me and a friend though it would be fun) so I may hit Manny Pac vs JMM.

I can't really tell to many peopel that actually know me about which is probs why i brought it up in here as your kind of like friends but what we do and what we earn doesnt mean anything, we just talk boxing which is cool.
You're living the dream: Earn big bucks young then retire to a life of leisure (or at least hobbies)!
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