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Default Re: I told you guys that Pac will fight Mayweather ...

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I'll be trying to research my old Predictions.

Here I found one just after PBF beat Hatton:

, 06:35 AM
Props to Floyd, he's learning now how to finish a fight.

I pick Floyd to win the fight coz Hatton's arms is only 20" & only 5'6" short. Pac's 5'6 1/2" & 25" long from Armpit to fist. Pac is a Different animal than Hatton, He's faster, Punch straighter, Better head movement, quick footed. Watch Pac in any fight, he's not that hittable with the left hook. The opponent has to deal with Pac's Jab in order to be hit by a Left hook.
You haven't seen the welter Pac yet. You've only seen the 130 Pac with the Power of a middleweight.

Pac will be busy with JMM, Diaz & maybe DLH. PBF will take a Break, He'll not fight Cotto or any of the Bigger welter. hatton will Probably will be back at 140 fighting Witter or Torres. Pac might fight Hatton in England after DLH.
PBF will come out of retirement to fight Pac after all thoose Big fights.[/
Eerily spot on....the red as yet to be determined.
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