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Default Re: Steve Cunningham vs. Yoan Pablo Hernandez II

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Uh, no. Most people had him up on the cards at the time it went to a technical decision. That isn't the same as saying most thought he won.

Most thought he should have been ruled the loser by knockout long before it went to a technical decision.
I know my post sounded aggressive, I meant nothing by it, but how is having him up at the time of the stoppage different than thinking he won?

There are hundreds of KD's every year in which something sketchy happens which one party could claim affected the outcome of that count/round/fight.

I'll concede it was a long count, absolutely, but mostly due to Cunningham's turning his back and waltzing around, and less so due to the actual "count" while he was on his ass. One of the best and most shocking KD's of 2011. Which even more so reinforces why I think Cunningham will win the re-match.
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