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Default Re: More Bravery: Floyd Patterson, Joe Frazier or James Braddock

Originally Posted by McGrain
That's right, he did bring a disguise. Arriving at the stadium to fight the most intimidating champion who has ever lived, khe new he was going to be destroyed in the ring. Still he came.

This is the very definition of bravery.

For the rematch, Patterson was asked if he had a disguise this time round: "Those things are gone for me now."

Patterson had trained himself to the brink for that fight, or so they say - but he still must have known what he was in for. Still he came.

He was a vulnerable Light Heavy who fought heavyweights and was forever hauling himself from the canvas to continue the duel. You are far to hard on him.
Patterson is a very tough fighter, one of the toughest ever. But the fact he still brought a disguise to the fight, plus he also admitted to being so scared of Liston that he could barely fight. Those two things put Frazier and Braddock ahead of him in my opinion though.
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