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Default Re: More Bravery: Floyd Patterson, Joe Frazier or James Braddock

Originally Posted by Muchmoore
Patterson is a very tough fighter, one of the toughest ever. But the fact he still brought a disguise to the fight, plus he also admitted to being so scared of Liston that he could barely fight. Those two things put Frazier and Braddock ahead of him in my opinion though.
I have no problem at all with you putting Frazier and Bradock ahead of Patterson

FRAZIER - People talk about the Foreman thing, but it was Manilla for me. He came out to fight Ali whilst basically blind and unable to defend himself. And he was still walking forwards.

BRADDOCK - The beating he took at Louis' hands was insane. It may be the worst gloved one ever apart from Dempsey-Willard. And he stood to make MORE money losing than by winning.

But your "proof" is misleading. Patterson abhored the public eye, he porbably would have worn the disguise if he'd won! And even if it was specifically for the loss, I still say that knowing you are about to be smashed to bits and still getting into the ring makes him an appropriate member of this threesome.
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