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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat View Post
It astounds me how poor fighters are with the fundamentals both technically and strategically.

Like skills said with the southpaw example.

Fighters with their feet and hands out of position, punches thrown incorrectly, basic defence, the inability to parry... Even in the training, you just know that they aren't running or skipping or hitting the bag because they've gassed after 3 rounds.

You're so right about parrying, mate.

Here's a post i did in another thread.

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
Parrying is not THAT easy, Billy. It's VERY hard to master at least for us mere mortals. I think the reason so many use the blocking technique (putting the guard up and just taking shots on the arms and gloves and pretty much everyone does in a way) is because it's the most basic even though you have to work at it and the skill level is not high as compared to parrying which is similar to blocking but is the next stage up from that. Parrying requires a lot of skill and refinement. Hours of repetition to be instinctive. You don't see that many fighters who are masters at parrying punches.

I really like parrying because if done in the right way and mastered properly it can be very effective particularly against fighters who overcommitt or fight ***** to the wall. It's also a good tactic against fighters with a longer height and reach than you. The ability for transition from offense to defense and vise-versa is very high. You can do it instantly. Whereas with just blocking with your guard that is not the case. With blocking your taking the force and with parrying your deflecting the power. So i would say parrying is a lot more superior to blocking.

Parrying can not only take your opponents power punches, but it can also get the opponent off balance and vulnerable using his own momentum too. It's also MUCH more easier to counter off of a parry then it is off a block. Because your hands are free and you've created space. You're not covering your face which occupies your hands and sometimes obstruct your vision.

Of course the next step above parrying is slipping punches. Which is the hardest defensive style to use as the margin for error is so small. Done right and you avoid the punch entirely.
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