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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

That was brillient. Probabily my favourite 'face-off'. Marquez solved the rubix cube.

The thing is though that Manny is not a 'traditional' southpaw. In that he's got a different and unsual and awkward body rhythm. Plus his punching pattern is so different to so many in that way he's unique.

It's helped him that he'd had two looks prior to that fight and so he'd figured him out before and became comfortable with his punching pattern. That was crucial because Pacquiao relies on the element of surpise with his speed and herky jerky style.

What Marquez does is that thing i talked about of getting the southpaw to tread into no mans land. He takes a small step backwards which allows him to get some room and take the sting of Manny's faster punches. He then comes back with combinations whilst Manny's feet are planted after he'd mostly overcomitted. It's beautiful to see. He almost always wins the foot positioning battle. He seems to be the only one who can punch WITH Pacquiao aswell which is key because Pacquiao relies on finishing off extended exchanges and that way giving the impression that he won it, which invariably impresses the judges.

Marquez is generally good at taming speed. What with his timing, accuracy and positioning. I remember what he did to Derrick Gainer. Another speedster.

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