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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by BlackBrenny View Post
The jab was the only punch I would ever attempt to parry, I never felt comfortable doing it, I prefered to block it, try to roll with it, or simply move away from it.

remember how easily mayweather used the jab to draw a parry attempt from hatton only to slash across that lead left hook when hattons hand dropped? he just did that over and over again
That's a good point. Parrying should really only be done with straight or 'lighter' punches as you're essentially trying to anticipate in most cases. Power punches and those which come wider like hooks should not be parried because they can get through on you. Those punches should be slipped. The problem is not every fighter knows how to slip or roll with punches, or even get underneath them. Which leads them to just trying to take it on the guard. Which can work if done properly. Andre Ward for example blocks a lot of over the top stuff by opening his gloves. he doesn't just rely on that though, he can slip under them too.
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