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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by Spearmint Rhino View Post
My favourite Marquez move is the feint with the jab..... oh, and the long uppercut/hook thingy that he does with the left hand, worked a treat against Katsidis many times.

Reminds me of Naseems jab/uppercut.......if this makes sense.

Question regarding the thread.

How often do you see two orthodox fighters working clockwise in general, ok some will feint or slip right but generally it seems 90% of the time they move clockwise.

Can anyone name me some that dont/didnt ?

Scott Harrison i noticed used to move anti and in turn keep range and pressure on opponents...i had a few other fighters though ma minds not the best....

Surely an orthodox fighter moving anti clockwise so to speak gives the majority of orthodox fighters issues ?

Thoughts please.

Nice thread btw
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