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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by HairyHighlander View Post

Reminds me of Naseems jab/uppercut.......if this makes sense.

Question regarding the thread.

How often do you see two orthodox fighters working clockwise in general, ok some will feint or slip right but generally it seems 90% of the time they move clockwise.

Can anyone name me some that dont/didnt ?

Scott Harrison i noticed used to move anti and in turn keep range and pressure on opponents...i had a few other fighters though ma minds not the best....

Surely an orthodox fighter moving anti clockwise so to speak gives the majority of orthodox fighters issues ?

Thoughts please.

Nice thread btw
That would be circling the wrong way, HH. Moving clockwise (to the left) is a disadvantage against another orthadox fighter because you'd be moving into the back hand which is a big no no. You HAVE to circle to the right if you're facing an orthadox opponent to avoid his right hand. The objective is to get more distance from your opponents back hand and yourself, that's what this does. It also means your orthadox opponent has to constantly reposition himself to throw his back hand.

That thing is moving right is actually something orthadox fighters find difficult. This is why you'll see some of them circling the wrong way and walking into punches. Circling to the right for someone in a right handed stance is not natural and needs a lot of work. That's why it's not really surpising that they lose the battle when they come up against southpaws because they have change what they've been taught and learn to move left again.

I've seen some fighters delibarately moving the 'wrong way' to try and set something up though. The best example is probabily George Foreman who moved the wrong way, which coincidently is the way that was more natural to him at some points in the fight to lull Moorer in and set his right hand up. But generally if you see a fighter moving to his left against another orthadox fighter he's doing the wrong thing and leaving himself susciptable to power punches.

The rule is.

- Orthadox against orthadox. Move right.

- Orthadox facing southpaw. Move left.

- Southpaw against Southpaw. Move left.

- Southpaw facing Orthadox. Move right.

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