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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
That's a great point, extremely depressing. Guys don't roll there shoulders anymore. They don't punch on the move and what annoys me so much.

They can't and don't know how to cut ring down!!. Maidana's footwork in Khan fight was a absolute disgrace tbh. Ok your tired but deary me you cut ring off and Khan would of been finished.

Also smothering work, Hatton fell into that trap.

the charlie burley video was an absolute treat and it got me thinking too.

no good cutting the ring off. no defence aside from holding hands high and the poor tyson impression. people dont catch shots with the open glove anymore (maybe more difficult since thumbs became attached), not much slipping, bending at the waist thinking its defence but really just getting out of position because fighters cant use subtle footwork instead of the ridiculous 'bouncing' thats become the fashion.

sound like that ****a fleaman but bloody hell boxing is the worse for it. (styles make fights as we know, and with loads of similar styles, less good fights)
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