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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
That's a great point, extremely depressing. Guys don't roll there shoulders anymore. They don't punch on the move and what annoys me so much.

They can't and don't know how to cut ring down!!. Maidana's footwork in Khan fight was a absolute disgrace tbh. Ok your tired but deary me you cut ring off and Khan would of been finished.

Also smothering work, Hatton fell into that trap.

I think Khan's footwork isn't all that great either (obviously better than Maidanda's) when he is put under pressure he runs... and I mean literally! a fighter at his level shouldn't run. Against an aggresive fighter he should by now be relaxed enough to just pivot around and take a step to the side (prime Roy Jones is a perfect example of this sort of move) it can take a fighter, even one with good footwork themselves off their game... and also leaves them open to being hit with whatever you want.

Khan also shockingly doesn't seem to know how to throw a simple one - two combination coming forward? he always seems to wait too long before he throws his first jab after he has taken the step forward, it's really simple stuff. David Haye is a perfect example of how to do this correctly. Some of Khan's game is so amateur like it's incrdible. It's his amazing speed, conditioning and no doubt top level sparring at the wildcard which has got him where he is. I hope he improves.
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